Sunday, May 8, 2016

Medical doctors boys bowed organ donor who saved 4

Kidney, liver, heart, the young man was revived donate life to four other patients. 20-year-old young men living in HCMC traffic accident brain dead. Young family had decided to complete the humanities that few people dare to do is agree to donate his son's organs. 13h 26/4 days, doctors crew Cho Ray Hospital in HCM City and Hanoi Vietnam-Germany Hospital for a moment of silence was gone donors before organ harvesting. This moment has been a member of the organ harvesting crew recorded that many people are not out of emotion.

The boy gave two kidneys, two corneas, heart and liver. In particular, the second kidney transplant patients with CKD are threatening at Cho Ray Hospital, also liver and heart transplantation was transferred to Hanoi for two patients here. Of heart transplant recipients guy, 64 years old had a heart failure, stent 9 times, while living only by the day. Liver donation recipient blocks long end-stage liver failure, 54.

Every day at German Friendship Hospital Vietnam (Hanoi) have 2-3 patients brain dead organ donation but can last 5 years only 30 cases of organ donation. During the past holiday season, at the hospital with brain-dead 3-4 earlier agreed to organ donation but not athletes are cases because the family did not agree.

According to the Minister of Health Nguyen Thi Kim Tien, the current organ donation is very modest, if not too little. The movement is extremely difficult because people still have the whole concept saw death. Meanwhile, thousands of people waiting for organ languishes to be alive. A brain-dead donor can save the lives of many people.

Representing the National Coordinating Centre for organ transplants who said that our country has tens of thousands of people are in need of transplantation of tissues and organs to sustain life, but can not be done because there is not enough tissue , organs for transplant. More than 6,000 people are waiting for transplants of kidney failure, blindness than 300,000 people waiting for corneal transplants; Some people waiting for a heart transplant is more than 1,500. From 2006 to date there are more than 1,000 transplant, organ; including tissue sources, mostly organs from living people, relatives to donate a kidney, part of the liver; source of organs from brain-dead people for very little.

People 18 and older, qualified full civil act has the right to donate tissue, organs while alive or tissue donation registration, potential organ (donation after death, brain death). The elderly can donate a piece of tissue, organs and corneas after death, brain death.

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