Saturday, May 7, 2016

Master story he voluntarily joined the army

Owned by specialized university Civics Teachers and specialized master's and teaching methods Theoretical Political Education Department but Le Van Linh boys (26 years old) had volunteered to join the army to carry responsibility for the homeland.

Phuoc Thuan Find the hamlet, town Nga Sau, Chau Thanh (Hau Giang), he inquired about Master Le Van Linh, who registered voluntarily join the military service is well known.

Mr. Le Van Quang (45 years old), his father is proud Father mentioned his son, Mr Quang said: "The day it joined the army, I and his mother (Spirit) very proud. Glad his son thought the motherland, nation, voluntarily register when leaving perform valuable duties of a son ".

According to Ms Sword (his mother Linh -PV), Linh was born into a family with two brothers and a large child. Both are very docile and 2 school. Completion of Year 12, Linh choose teacher profession when determined to pass on to specialized university's Teachers Can Tho University.

After four years of hard light, in 2012, Linh graduated from college with their degrees. Key this time, with effort and determination, Linh was honored to stand in the ranks of the Communist Party of Vietnam.

To further enhance the knowledge base, he continued to be registered bachelor grade Master in Theoretical and teaching methods Political Education of the University of Vinh. With strong determination, the end of 2014 he had in hand Linh master's degree.

When people think Spirit would find a job in order to stabilize their lives in their hands when there is a master's degree. However, in the spirit of responsibility and their voluntary, Spirit register to voluntarily join the military service and was named in the list of successful candidates youths for military service in late 2015.

Reportedly, the current Spirit is performing the tasks in Regiment 114, under Military Command Hau Giang province. "As the eldest son should go to family labor shortage when the Spirit enlistment. However, parents will always facilitate his son completed the assigned tasks, "he said Linh.

Commenting on youths Le Van Linh, Pham Hoang Tan, the chiefs of Military commanders Town Nga Sau said: "Phase troops last February, the town of 14 indicators. Among them, the Spirit is a young engaged local movements very well, namely participation in local militia and has participated voluntarily register for military service.

This is an example of a sense of responsibility, to the youth in the age to enlist local and learning to follow.

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