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CIA agents suspected poisoning after bin Laden raid

Two months after Osama bin Laden was killed, the CIA chief in Pakistan to affiliates in the US rushed in serious condition with no known cause.

In 2011, top officials of the CIA operation in Pakistan, Mark Kelton, seriously ill that he often slumped in pain. The cause of his illness is unknown. According to the Washington Post, the CIA officials believe that the sudden illness of Mr. Kelton likely related to the Pakistani intelligence agency (ISI).

Revealed in a startling facts, the chain of events that revolve around a campaign to destroy bin Laden five years ago, and dramatic increases for partner relations between the United States against terrorism and Pakistan, which are often covered by conspiracy theories.

2011 was marked by the extraordinary turmoil in US relations - Pakistan, a fragile coalition which had almost collapsed when the task of the US Navy SEAL raid houses supreme leader of al-Qaeda in the city of Abbottabad.

Even if poisoning is suspected case unfounded, the CIA and the leader of a branch of the agency ISI suspect may have taken action which also shows the breakdown of trust is even greater than what people think.

Kelton, 59, has refused to answer whether the proposed interview several times. However, he confirmed his illness causes "have never been clarified." He also added that he was not the first to suspect he was poisoned. "The origin of these thoughts did not come from me," he said Kelton.

CIA spokesman, Dean Boyd, said personal secret elements that the agency could not say anything more, "but we have not found evidence to suggest that Pakistani officials poisoned a US official work in Pakistan ".

However, US intelligence officials, both incumbent and retired, said the ISI is suspected in relation to a series of conspiracy aimed at journalists, diplomats and others seen as hostile . They believe that this agency Kelton hatred.

According to these officials, leaders of ISI at that time Ahmed Shuja Pasha was repeatedly refused to talk to Kelton, and did not even want to hear the name of CIA officials. Mr. Pasha often use the word "dead" to refer to Mr. Kelton.

Strained relations

Although working time of Kelton in Pakistan only lasted seven months, he has repeatedly made embarrass the host country. Just days after Kelton to South Asian countries, one of his subordinates was Raymond Davis has been involved in a gun battle in the film as the action in Lahore.

Mr. Kelton was also approved implementation of dozens of air strikes by unmanned aerial vehicle, prompting Pakistani officials angry. Kelton is also the person to direct the final preparations for the raid on Abbottabad housing area, killing bin Laden. For many, this campaign has shown the weakness of the Pakistani security agencies.

Kelton CIA ever asked him to hide the identity, but since his retirement, he was publicly named and their positions.

Pakistani side denied the allegations directed at the ISI. "Obviously the story is purely fictional, not worthy of comment," a spokeswoman at the US embassy Pakistan, Nadeem Hotiana, said.

Many years ago when he Kelton to Islamabad, relations between the US and Pakistan has deteriorated, US officials said. In 2009, American intelligence obtained evidence that the ISI of involvement in the terrorist attacks in Mumbai, India.

US suspects ISI carried out the raid in order to disguise the death of the gunmen were killed during detention. ISI was suspected frequently warned his forces backed by air strikes on the unmanned aerial vehicle by the CIA.

In 2010, tension is high when CIA airstrikes promoted by unmanned aerial vehicle, and Mr. Pasha was only named in a lawsuit in the US related to the Mumbai terrorist attacks. In retaliation, the identity CIA bureau chief in Pakistan Meanwhile, Jonathan Bank, disclosed in a lawsuit brought by those who are supposed victims of the air strikes by unmanned aerial vehicle conducted by the CIA in Pakistan.

Concerned for the safety of Mr. Bank, the CIA had used "tricks" to make official secrets left Islamabad on flight and then deputy director of the CIA, Michael Morell, without prior notice to the host country home.

And he Kelton, who was appointed to take over his position Bank, has faced double challenge when moderate handling very bad relationship with the ISI, moderate follows the clues to find the shelter of bin Laden, after more than a decade in hiding.

Kelton, with strong personalities, obviously not the right candidate for this job. But he was then CIA director, Leon Panetta, said the choice with many years experience operating in Moscow and direct the work of counterintelligence Kelton will be useful.

Immediately upon reaching Pakistan, he Kelton ISI viewed as a rival, "Struggle", and not simply as a partner or causing trouble. And less than 48 hours after receiving the task Kelton Davis, a CIA contract employee was arrested when fired on two Pakistani men in an armed robbery.

Davis's vehicle, Pakistani officials discovered many of the suspected spy equipment, such as camouflage, infrared flashlight and a camera. Meanwhile, some officials the US embassy in Islamabad has asked the CIA not hide your identity to prevent Pakistanis Davis was insulted. But Mr. Kelton and CIA leaders at the headquarters of US opposition insisted.

"Do not say anything to them," said the US ambassador Kelton Meanwhile, Mr. Cameron Munter, the former US officials heard their conversation said. Deadlock situation persisted for weeks, prompting both President Obama also urged Pakistan to release "diplomats" America. Finally, Mr. Munter allowed to negotiate directly with the leaders of ISI, Mr. Pasha, and admits relationship with CIA Davis.

Davis was released from 16/3, following a secret trial and the families of those killed in the shooting was compensated $ 2.4 million. The next day, the unmanned aircraft of the CIA, which lay motionless almost the entire time Davis was arrested, came back the sky and make a airstrikes killing at least 40 people were killed in a tribal council meeting in the town of Datta Khel, on the border with Pakistan - Afghanistan.

Pasha incident made him angry, and a reputation for Ambassador Munter that the air strike as "a kick straight to the face" after the settlement in their Davis case. Relations between Pasha and Mr. Kelton not healed since then. Even two people rarely talk to each other.

Kill bin Laden

The first night of May, in a secret room of the US Embassy, ​​Mr. Kelton, Mr. Munter and a senior officer of the US Army to see the images gathered from unmanned aerial vehicle during transmission of flying round in Abbottabad. The raid started killing bin Laden.

Earlier, all three officials have made preparations in case of Pakistani secret retaliation. Evacuation plans have been established, in which US diplomats in Pakistan will be ordered to run around the border to India, and will be picked up the USS Carl Vinson, anchored off the coast of Karachi. The rest will be down at the embassy shelter.

Initially, the Pakistan seems paralyzed by the raid. But while public anger rising and accusations from abroad, including former CIA Director Panetta Islamabad accused ignored, even deliberately concealed for Bin Laden, Pakistani officials began to respond.

A week after the death of Bin Laden, an article was published in the Pakistani press, said he was summoned Pasha CIA bureau chief in the country to blame for keeping secret campaign to destroy bin Laden. The article refers to the identity of Kelton, with poorly disguised form is "Mark Carlton".

Instead of withdrawing smoothly from Pakistan secretly like his predecessor after anonymity, Kelton continue to stay amid the details of the raid were revealed, including the CIA had secret base in Abbottabad, or a Pakistani doctor who was the CIA used to collect DNA samples of people who are in hiding bin Laden house.

During this time, he began to see colic Kelton. Initially, he said that he simply gastrointestinal allergy, which is very common in the West to Pakistan. But the symptoms are a serious day, leaving him unable to work, and many times to leave Pakistan for treatment.

To July of that year, the status of a US official Kelton was described as "a serious health crisis." Less than seven months after taking office, the term is expected to last two years, Mr. Kelton report to the CIA in the US leader that he was unable to finish the job.

Some colleagues of Kelton said they believe the ISI hardly willing to risk billions of dollars of aid Pakistan receives from America to poison a senior US official. They said that his condition can only foodborne Kelton or work pressure.

The CIA does not perform a full investigation to determine whether he had been poisoned Kelton or not, but has reviewed the intelligence dossier, to find clues to the possibility Kelton was targeted.

Upon returning, he Kelton took months to recover and had abdominal surgery. After recovering, he was appointed to the position of vice director of counterintelligence, helps protect the unit before foreign intelligence service CIA. Until last year, Kelton retirement and often wrote about the issue of national security for a website called

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