Saturday, May 7, 2016

Bachelor of good and excellent access are not confident in the company machinery

At the conference, Mr. Nguyen Huu Phuoc, deputy head Management Board of Export Processing Zones and Industrial Tho said: "In fact, many graduates with good and excellent when he got a job at the company in the industrial park, the plant looked very afraid to touch. Do not know is because the machine was new too or because students do not know what name it is a machine. "

Nguyen Huu Phuoc proposals, promoting vocational training rather than trying to university training, while businesses need the job done rather than qualifications.

Discusses the weaknesses in skills new graduates of the school, Mr. Le Thanh Dung, deputy director Ltd. Kwong Lung - Meko, stated: Skills acumen and creativity in their work; skills to control what I was doing; skills and write the report, presented the idea of ​​the crowd and language skills.

Talking about the language skills of students today, Mr. Le Thanh Dung stressed: "Speaking of integration, that language can not, how the integration? I propose the recommendations to the Ministry of how less theoretical subjects, instead of soft skills courses, improve foreign language for them. In addition to English, students need to learn about the popular foreign languages ​​like Japanese, Chinese, Korean, ... because now there are so many company Asian countries investing in the Mekong Delta. "

Dr. Truong Minh Nhat Quang, Deputy Rector of the Technical University - Technology Tho admitted: Links between universities and business is a popular trend in the world, is considered as an effective solution to improve quality of education, scientific research, technology transfer.

Through this association, help create funding for universities to serve scientific research. However, over time, this connection is still limited in the Mekong Delta. The two sides mutual lack of information, lack of contacts in the cooperation.

Dr. Truong Minh Nhat Quang explained: "Businesses are not keen on getting students to practice is because they do not meet work requirements. Enterprise admissions feel like carrying an extra burden. Another reason is because the schools themselves are not to be trusted for businesses. Lack of trust, not underestimated the benefits and strengths of each other is the main reason that the cohesion between the two sides is not sustainable. "

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